Hourly Rate

Booking's are charged at £30 per hour. All Day is £300

Weddings charged at £40 per hour. All day is £400

Booking fee

When booking a fee of £30 will be charged. This is non refundable and acts a a guarantee to cover any costs occurred in the event a client needs to cancel a booking as well as covering time spent editing post shooting. This must be paid before booking confirmation will be sent.


In the event that a client should need to cancel a booking for any reason, the booking fee will not be refunded and in the event that less than 48 hours notice is given, the client will pay the full cost of the booking. For cancellations with less than 5 working days notice, the client will pay half the total cost of the booking. Cancellations beyond this will be refunded, minus the booking fee.


An invoice will be sent, payable by Paypal (including payment via all major debit cards), on the day of the booking. Any additional hours occurred at the time of shooting will also be invoiced post shooting with the mutual agreement of the client. Invoices must be paid before the delivery of images to the client.


Images will be delivered via e-mail, which will include a password and link to a client specific gallery that can only be accessed by password holders. Please allow up to 14 working days post the day of shooting to allow for editing. Physical prints of images can be arranged for an additional cost.