A first look and BTS with the Apples and Pears Clothing girls!

This month I had the pleasure of shooting the girls of Apples and Pears Clothing, featuring some new fabulous fashions for girls of all shapes and sizes. Get your curves out!
Here's a few snaps of a much larger collection that I've yet to finish tinkering with!

And here's some raw unedited behind the scene shots I took (rock n roll)!
Keep an eye on applesandpearsclothing.com and like them on Facebook; and catch the new shoot when I'm done tinkering with my editing.

New website !!work in progress!!

Hello, if you're reading this... it's worked, I've beaten the internet and navigated building a webpage... my years of MySpace coding were not for nothing.

In case I'm not int he swing of things by the time you're reading this, you can find me on all manner of social media. Linked below or via the contact page.